The best talk I ever heard...

...was given by Peter Kreeft, the great Christian apologist, at the C.S. Lewis Conference in Austin in 2002. Just months after 9/11 and shortly after Fellowship of the Ring came out in theaters, Kreeft deftly related the two in a brilliant hour I still cherish. For those of you who heard me teach at HSL about evil last year, I borrowed about 40% of it from Kreeft. You can now hear it on the web.

I cannot recommend it more highly! Honestly, I put this talk right up there with the DVD of the 2006 Rose Bowl on my recommendation list. Download it below for free.

Ten Insights on Evil from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Trilogy


At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know I'm your Dad, and somewhat biased in my thinking, but hey dude (son), enough of this blogg business already. You have a brilliant mind with a large inventory of experience and facts, and the ability to draw analogies and conclusions from every quarter of the universe. Why not write for a newspaper or magazine? Why not write a novel. You could make a lot of money. After you do this, and become obscenely rich, remember that I'm your Dad, who (whom?) you really love a lot, and whose idea was this anyway? You can do it!!!


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