Castro lives!

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Or at least the guy in the Castro suit lives. My working theory is that we're on the third "Fidel Castro" at this point in time. In other words, I think they cast Latin American dictators the same way they cast Menudo...

...And isn't it interesting that he's quoting from a book by Alan Greenspan and wearing a Red, White, and Blue suit. Did your recent experiences with socialized medicine make you rethink your views on the free market, O Man in the Fidel Suit? Whether they did or not, I respectfully remind you to watch your step...

(In case you can't tell, I love taunting foreign dictators. It's a Nateblogg trademark. God bless the USA!)


At 4:55 PM, Anonymous Eric Vogler said...

The colors of the Cuban flag are red, white, and blue.


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