Counting Blessings

Tonight, as I strolled to my car after the basketball game, I reflected on my general state of dissatisfaction today. I have a sore rib that has kept me uncomfortable throughout the day. My allergies are as bad as they've ever been this year, so no matter what drugs I take, my head still invariably feels like a turkey stuffed with snot. The allergies and sore rib affected my sleep, so I missed my discipleship group at 6 AM, and I struggled to stay focused at work. I felt spent, like a bottle rocket carcass in a vacant parking lot.

I then looked to my right, and I saw a lighted series of stairs I had probably walked by hundreds of times, but had never climbed before. I had nothing better to do, so I took the stairs.

At the top, I discovered Centennial Park, a small colonnade about 500 feet in length shaded by knobby oak trees that affords a great view of the Capitol. In the center lay a large granite cylinder, which, according to the inscription on top, housed a time capsule from 1983 (The 100th anniversary of the University of Texas) that was to be opened in 2083. I hung out in the park for about 10 minutes, and again set off for my car, feeling much more peaceful than before.

It then occurred to me - if something as simple as a 10 minutes in a small park could change my state of mind, then maybe things aren't so bad. I have a lot to be thankful for, and if I spend more time actually being thankful, I would probably be happier.

Hey! How about I make a list of what I am thankful for:

1) Austin - the greatest city on earth in just about every way.

2) The Whole Foods Market downtown - a theme park for food.

3) Citrus season - Mandarin oranges and Rio Star grapefruits are the best tonic for allergy season.

4) Life and Limb - After two motorcycles, both are still intact.

5) Family - Somehow they've put up with my quirks, my faults and my bad jokes and still love me anyway.

6) Friends - I am blessed with lots of them in lots of places, despite my quirks, faults, and bad jokes. God is good.

7) Boyish Good Looks - Even at age 29, I routinely get carded. Also, thanks to the camera on this computer, I can see myself. Boy, I look good! Hey, everyone, check out how good I look...

8) Wolfy - OK, he's still evil, but he will also greet me at the door, lay next to me when I watch TV, and take an interest in everything I do. I honestly love this cat.

9) Russia - I've been to Russia 10 times, and the experiences have changed my life and made me a better man. I plan to come back soon...

10) Vince - Thanks to #10 and the Longhorns coming through on January 4th, every Longhorn fan can now die in peace.

And last but not least...

11) The Grace of God - The fount from thence all of these spring. Whether in serious metaphysical matters such as Salvation or in little things like undiscovered parks being timely discovered, I see God at work in my life. I don't know where He's leading me, but based on my experience so far, I have every reason to trust Him.

If you have anything to add, please feel free to comment. Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Godspeed.


At 7:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I happen to browse around.... and number 7 picture... well... you look good, give thanks to your mother&father for a good looking face, more on craig's eyes.


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