Tarmo and Teo

As of last Saturday, I have the distinct pleasure of hosting Tarmo and Teo Ruitta, a Finnish father and son. Tarmo is here to study jazz violin with a doctoral candidate at Texas, and brought Teo along because, well, how often can you take your son to visit the birthplace of everything that is, was, or ever will be cool?

Yesterday, I took Tarmo and Teo on a tour of Austin and the University. We ate at Whataburger (they were impressed), walked by the music school and the stadium (again, impressed), and finally to Toy Joy (Actally, Teo wasn't impressed - he was looking for Yugi-Oh cards). They like Wolfy, and Wolfy seems to enjoy having them around - he's biting them suprisingly little. When I came in tonight, they were sitting in front of the TV watching my Beavis and Butthead DVD's. Some things translate in every culture. Jesus. The Golden Rule. Beavis and Butthead...


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