One Day More (from Les Miserables)...

...as sung by the participants in tomorrow's Rose Bowl.

Mack Brown:
One day more,
Another day until our destiny
One game chasing Royal's legacy
They've waited all these years to see my Longhorns win the M-N-C
One day more...

Vince Young:
All these games have led us to this day,
This big game that we must play our parts in.

Mack: One day more...

Vince joined by the Offensive Chorus:

The day we take the biggest stage,
I must show up and be the lynchpin...

Matthew McCounaghey (echoed by the Texas Pom):
One more day until the Rose (Texas, Texas, Hee-yee Haw...)
Until the ultimate Horns party (Alright, Alright, Alright...)
Do you have any weed, man (He'll be naked on bongos...)
(pause) Be a lot cooler if you did...

Gene Chizik (echoed by Defensive Chorus):
One more day until the storm (Reggie Bush is fast as light)
E-S-P-N thinks we have no place here (Leinert's better than them all)
Danger all over the field (OJ's deadly with the knife)
We will punch them in the mouth...

My place is here; I fight with you!

One day more!

Pete Carroll:
One more day until the Rose Bowl
We will get win thirty-five
We will smack around these Longhorns
We will make their children cry...

Reggie Bush and Matt Leinert:
We're the Trojan O, Run and throw the ball
Mark May says that we're the best of all
Hey there, Nich Lachey - Give me O-re-o's
Hold on while I strike my Heisman pose...

The Longhorns (echoed by Keith Jackson and Dan Fouts):
One day till we beat the Trojans (Rollin' in the blood and mud)
For no equal has Vince Young (No! No! Unbelievable!)
He'll defeat them like Achilles (Ah, yes, how sweet the wine!)
Like a Trojan Horse he's hung...(Suprised mumbling, followed by acknowledgement)

Tomorrow is the M-N-C
Tomorrow we will all find out what our God in heaven has in store...
One more day, One more day...
One day more!

Texas 45, USC 27. My playlist consists of one song - Texas Fight. I have a feeling we'll be hearing it a lot.

Take dead aim, guys. Hook 'Em.



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