This kind of behavior disturbs me...

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Ryan and Eric were talking about this earlier today. Apparently, there are plans to build a mosque in Katy, Texas (a suburb of Houston), and there are many in the community who are upset about it. The man who owns the land next to the mosque is even proposing to hold pig races on Fridays for the expressed purpose of offending those building the mosque.

Where do I begin?

The Pilgrims and those who followed them across the Atlantic came to America to practice religion freely. This right is guaranteed in the Constitution for everyone, including Muslims. So long as they mean me no harm, I support the right for anyone to practice whatever religion they choose, because it means that I will be afforded the same right to freely worship. Many Islamic countries persecute those who practice other religions (and especially Christianity), with jail and even death as consequences. If American Christians would like this to change, one way we can do so is by setting an example in how we treat Muslims here.

Craig Baker should get past this misunderstanding and learn to be a good neighbor.


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