The Best of Nateblogg

Since I'm not updating this space regularly anymore (Grad school consumes most of my best writing at this point), I thought it would be a good exercise to create a list of links that embody the best of what I've written. We could call it "The Best of Nateblogg." If you have a few hours to waste, you could do worse things with your time. With that, I humbly submit the following:

Best of 2004 (my early stuff):
Naming my Cat - A thankfully short and light comedy piece.
Laura's Rice Graduation - My first attempt at a running diary.
In Memoriam - A contemplation of the death of my friend Jeff Williams
On Unintentional Comedy - Admittedly a ripoff of Bill Simmons, but a good one.

Best of 2005 (getting my fastball):

The Pride and Prejudice Diary - A running diary of my experience watching the 6-houre BBC version of "Pride and Prejudice" in one night. If you print it out, you can actually read it in real time as you watch the movie.
Levels of Vegetarianism - An academic essay.
Russia Trip 2005 - My feelings after a trip to visit orphanages for the disabled in Russia. Check out the pictures in the posts around it.
Fear and Loathing of Football Season - Written before football season in 2005. Little did I know...
On N'Awlins - Thoughts on Katrina.
East Bound and Down - Intro to the Ohio State Trip, where my friend Jacob and I saw Notre Dame-Michigan and Ohio State-Texas in the same day.
Ohio State Diary: Friday
Ohio State Diary: Saturday - God bless Vince Young.
Eric's Guest Column on Houston
My Reaction to Pujols's Home Run
Astros in the World Series
Pictures of Wolfy

Best of 2006 (where I start writing regularly)
Pre-National Championship Game Piece - Just before VY Day.
Thoughts on the World Cup - Pourquoi Zidane? Pourquoi?
Traveling to Branson
Sabbath - A poetic prelude to a year where I wrestled with "the next step."
Ragtime - Pithy, unlike most of what I write.
Routine and Rhythm - On contemplative spirituality.
En Lapin - On rabbits.
Getting Older
What's Wrong with the World - This one turned out well. Solo Deo Gloria.
Tallahassee Pictures - Check out the first one.
The Question - More on Nate trying to figure out what to do with his life.
Josue and Jessica's Wedding - Quick diary of the wedding of two of my favourite people.
All That Glitters - On money.
Hays County Politics - You can't make this stuff up.
Face in the Crowd
On Speaking in Tongues - On charismatic Christianity, which I'm still trying to make my peace with.
Another Self-Indulgent Longhorn Football Piece after losing to Kansas State
Link to Francis Collins/Richard Dawkins in Time
Counting Blessings- My inNate optimism shining through...
After this post, the Longhorns lost two in a row to the Aggies.
Conspiracy Theories, with a slightly more thoughtful epilogue.
On the Katy Mosque mess
Thoughts on Saddam and the Death Penalty

The Best of 2007 - (Where I'm prolific until grad school begins)

New Year's 2007
Very pithy anecdote
Further on the Road to picking a Grad School
Tarmo and Teo
Russia Diary 2007 - If you one read one thing I've written, please read this - it's a series of meditations on working with orphans in Russia.
The Capitol 10K
Walker, Texas Ranger Final Episode - from when I (briefly) had cable.
On Ayn Rand and Francis Collins
Choices - More on the grad school decision.
On Keith Richards snorting his father
Oregon Visit - Where I make my decision on grad school.
On Virginia Tech
Persecution in Russia and Turkey
If my head weren't screwed on - More pithy whimsy.
Milestones - including me in a tank top.
Jacob Riesser Graduates!
Pride v. Humility
Randy and Susan - A tribute to my youth pastors.
John Adams on the 4th of July
Surprises (pre-Harry Potter 7)
Harry Potter 7 Post-Mortem - No spoilers
Jackson Browne Playlist - On the angst of being single in your 20's, just before...
I turn 30.
On Cancer and Prayer - A meditation on how my mom's bouts with cancer have impacted me.
Every Longhorn Game I've Ever Attended
Rich Mullins Playlist - On the 10th Anniversary of his untimely passing.
Checking in from Grad School - As the blog receives less attention.
My Favourite Movies

Best of 2008 (Not much so far)
In the Year of Our Lord 2008
Thoughts on Obama's Race Speech


At 9:21 AM, Blogger Chris said...

You go for months with out a post and then put up the blogging equivalent of a clip show? Bad form.

At 9:03 PM, Blogger Nate said...

I thought it was the blogging equivalent of a book by Rick Reilly or Lewis Grizzard. My bad...


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